“I am from Germany and have been coming to the Biller for 30 years! Great staff, great rooms, great hotel.”

- Gerfrid G.

“From the exceptional staff to the clean rooms, the Biller Hotel is a wonderful place to stay. I also appreciate that the hotel provided a microwave and a refrigerator.”

- Carl B.

“My stay at the Biller Hotel was absolutely lovely. Everything was clean, I felt safe, and it was a fantastic deal!”

- Linda H.

“The staff went above and beyond to help us and they were very friendly.”

- Merry D.

"I have been coming to the hotel for two years. I feel at home with the staff. Based on my work, this fits my needs."

- Dick T.

"All of the staff members are friendly, helpful, and honest. The executive housekeeper does a great job with cleaning the rooms and hotel. The houseperson does a beautiful job with the lawn and is quick for maintenance. The Laundry Room area is always kept clean. A secured lobby and underground parking is a plus."

- Amber C.

"I love staying at the Biller Hotel. I'm comfortable and safe; customer service is excellent and they are always willing to help and the atmosphere is good."

- Evelyn R.

"The Biller Hotel is great. Everything is nice and no one bothers me. It is quiet and secure."

- Richard T.

"I stayed at the Biller Hotel off and on to see how I would like living in a hotel. I have enjoyed staying here - it is quiet, clean and friendly. The staff is nice and willing to get what you need."

- William B.

"My brother and I moved in when our house that we were living in was going to be remodeled. We have since each gotten our own studios at the Biller. We are now retired, and enjoy whatever we want to do, knowing when we get back everything will be in great shape. We have everything we need, without the hassle of doing it ourselves - fresh linens, room cleaning, Wi-Fi, DirecTV, laundry on premise, locked lobby, underground parking, library, and personnel who care about us. Bus service is steps away, as well as Milwaukee's beautiful lakefront."

- Joseph & Rueben M.